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KACO Sealing’s new EV battery venting solution for quick deflation

If a malfunction occurs in an EV battery, rapid venting is required in order to reduce the pressure in the affected battery segment. KACO Sealing Systems has developed a quick deflation solution for EV battery modules, centered around a piston that tightly seals the exhaust port after venting.

KACO’s Quick Deflation is designed so that a pressure compensation element can also be integrated, ensuring both regular pressure compensation and emergency venting in one product. Various locking mechanisms (magnetic and/or spring-loaded) are available to meet customer requirements.

KACO’s VP of R&D Andreas Genesius is enthusiastic about the new solution: “With the development of Quick Deflation for battery systems, KACO offers a further modular product group in the application area of ventilation in the drive train. By using state-of-the-art calculation programs, we can design venting caps and quick vents with regard to closing and opening pressures as well as required flow volumes for specific applications.”

Source: KACO


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