JuiceBox Green 40 lets EV drivers choose to charge with clean electrons

eMotorWerks WattTime JBUs

JuiceBox charging stations from eMotorWerks use a cloud-based platform to adjust charging rates and times to enable grid operators to reduce energy costs, ease grid congestion and absorb excess renewable power.

Now eMotorWerks has gone a step farther, collaborating with non-profit software startup WattTime to produce the JuiceBox Green 40, a charger that lets users select the cleanest available energy.

WattTime’s “environmental demand response” platform automatically shifts production from dirty to clean power plants, helping renewables compete on the grid. WattTime’s software analyzes the local power grid in real time to identify moments when renewable sources, or comparatively efficient plants, are online, and adjusts EV charging schedules to draw on the cleanest power sources available.

“We are thrilled to offer the cleanest charging EVSE ever produced,” said eMotorWerks founder and CEO Valery Miftakhov. “After developing the most advanced and efficient charging solutions for electric vehicles, it was a natural progression to also develop the cleanest. EV drivers now have even greater choice and control over how they charge.”

“EVs have always held the promise of a cleaner energy future, but they are only as clean as the electricity they use. So we are delighted that, thanks to the forward-looking leadership of eMotorWerks, EV drivers now have the choice to automatically run their car strictly on the cleanest possible sources on their own local power grid,” says Gavin McCormick, Executive Director of WattTime.


Source: eMotorWerks


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