Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine
Issue 67: January-March 2024


EcoG helps EVSE manufacturers streamline the process of bringing new products to market

Enabling the next phase of EV charging station manufacturing. We tech writers often refer to “ecosystems,” and biologists may shake their heads at our appropriation of the term, but the analogy is an apt one in many ways. A biological ecosystem has its charismatic megafauna (elephants, lions, whales), but it couldn’t function without its less-glamorous… Read more »

Making EV charging part of the smart home

Q&A with Leviton’s Andrew Taddoni The “house of the future” is a perennial American theme—from the Homes of Tomorrow Exhibition at the 1933 World’s Fair to The Jetsons, futurists have predicted a proliferation of labor-saving devices and home entertainment options. Nowadays, the focus is increasingly on the energy that these nifty gadgets require. The home… Read more »

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