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InnovationLab’s new battery monitoring system gathers cell-level data

Printed electronics company InnovationLab has announced a new battery monitoring solution for EVs called BaMoS.

BaMoS is composed of sensor foils, electronics and software. The ultra-thin printed sensor foils measure cell-level pressure and temperature in batteries. The pressure sensors are placed between battery cells, and measure state of charge, identify unusual behavior and prevent overcharging. The electronics component gathers and processes the data. The solution also includes software which provides live visualization, storage and analysis of the data. The size, resolution and substrate material of BaMoS can be adjusted according to customer preferences.

According to InnovationLab, the ability to collect cell-level data can increase battery lifetime by up to 40%, and the new technology would help manufacturers extend the range of EVs by improving battery R&D.

“Measurement is the first step that leads to improved control and battery performance. Our flexible, ultra-thin printed sensors provide the detailed, accurate data that is necessary to improve the performance and lifetime of batteries for electric vehicles,” says InnovationLab Managing Director Luat Nguyen.

Source: InnovationLab


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