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Infolytica’s new software suite enhances electromagnetic field simulations

Infolytica has released new versions of its MagNet, ElecNet, ThermNet and OptiNet simulation software. Upgrades in version 7.8 include improved nonlinear material treatment in AC/time-harmonic simulations and expanded circuit modeling tools for complex control systems.

Infolytica’s suite of computer-aided engineering software is designed to handle the most complex electromagnetic and electric field simulations. Engineers, scientists or designers can simulate the physics of complex systems that impact electromagnetic or electric fields and in turn, the predicted performance of a device or component.

The design of electric transformers, motors, inductors and other ferromagnetic-cored devices requires accurate treatment of nonlinear effects, which also affect the accuracy of iron losses. Transient solvers that have significantly longer solution times accurately handle nonlinear effects. Time-harmonic solvers balance the need of fast solution times and nonlinear approximation.

The MagNet 7.8 release improves the nonlinear approximation of the time-harmonic solvers, such that the accuracy of the iron losses is close to that of a transient solve with a 90% reduction in solution time.

Switching effects in nonlinear inductors, transformers and rotating electric machines can be analyzed within MagNet 7.8 by including current and voltage controlled switches. Accounting for switching effects, in addition to core nonlinearity, gap and 3D effects, should significantly improve the design of inductors used in switch-mode converters and power supplies, and the design of wireless power transfer coils. A 3D MagNet model incorporating controlled switches in its circuit can fully consider these effects.


Source: Infolytica

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