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Infolytica’s new software suite enhances electromagnetic field simulations

Infolytica has released new versions of its MagNet, ElecNet, ThermNet and OptiNet simulation software. Upgrades in version 7.8 include improved nonlinear material treatment in AC/time-harmonic simulations and expanded circuit modeling tools for complex control systems. Infolytica’s suite of computer-aided engineering software is designed to handle the most complex electromagnetic and electric field simulations. Engineers, scientists… Read more »

MotorSolve Online cloud-based electric motor design software

Infolytica has launched a cloud-based version of its electric motor design software. MotorSolve Online is a subscription-based web site for designers of synchronous (brushless AC/DC, permanent magnet AC) and induction motors. It allows designers to model and perform finite element analysis (FEA) simulations to predict motor performance. The cloud-based service uses the same automated FEA… Read more »