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FlixBus tests electric buses on long-distance European routes

FlixBus, which operates a network of long-distance buses in Europe, plans to test electric buses on some of its routes. Beginning in April, the first Flix-E-Bus will begin test operations on the route between Paris and Amiens, France. A second Flix-E-Bus will hit the road between Hessen and Baden-Württemberg, Germany, this summer.

Long-distance buses are acomparatively environmentally-friendly transportation choice even when powered by dirty diesel – taking the bus instead of driving your own (gas-powered) car can reduce the CO2 emissions on a long trip by 80 percent, according to FlixBus.

“Although e-buses are currently much more expensive to buy, we are convinced that this will be a worthwhile investment in the long run, for our company, our customers and the environment,” said André Schwämmlein, founder and CEO of FlixBus. “As a provider, we are demonstrating that this is a potential turning point in mobility. Likewise, the first all-electric long-distance bus is a signal to bus manufacturers to drive innovation and develop alternatives to pure diesel vehicles.”

“The current trend is moving away from private car travel and towards shared mobility options such as buses,” added Schwämmlein.  “FlixBus is proud to be a pioneer in helping to propel this change by providing some of the most climate-friendly mobility options in Europe.”


Source: FlixBus


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