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Electrify America collaborates with EVNoire to promote EV access in California African-American communities

Fast charging network operator Electrify America has announced a collaboration with EVNoire Mobility Intelligence Consulting Group in a campaign to increase awareness of EVs in African-American communities throughout California.

EVNoire’s market research shows many African-American communities in California and nationally have a growing interest in adopting electric vehicles.

EA’s investment will support EVNoire’s development of a communications campaign focused on research, education and engagement, with the goal of ensuring that underrepresented communities interested in EV adoption have access to all of the financial assistance and case management support available. EVNoire’s initiatives will help consumers navigate California’s significant offerings of incentives and resources for EV buyers.

The collaboration with Electrify America will help expand EVNoire’s Drive the Future California campaign, an initiative that will educate California’s African-American communities on the opportunities and benefits of driving electric.  The campaign will showcase a variety of real-world, affordable EV options, and will engage EVNoire’s network of members and EV enthusiasts to share their EV experiences.

“Electrify America is proud to join with EVNoire’s mission to bring E-Mobility opportunities and climate justice to all communities, especially those who are impacted worst and first by transportation emissions,” said Electrify America Social Responsibility Manager Will Berry. “We are committed to EV education and accessibility to diverse communities across California and the nation to help support a clean transportation future that benefits everyone.”

“EVNoire is on the forefront of accelerating EV adoption by creating best practices with e-mobility, equity and environmental public health for all communities including underserved and diverse communities across the US,” said Dr. Shelly Francis, co-founder of EVNoire. “Support from Electrify America will help enable continued community engagement efforts and drive EV adoption for equitable clean transportation solutions.”

Source: Electrify America


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