ClipperCreek charging stations incorporate eMotorWerks smart grid charging platform

ClipperCreek Emotorworks

EV charging stations are getting connected, allowing users to remotely manage charging, and utilities to take advantage of demand response capabilities. The market for EVSE communications tech is expected to take off like an EV on an onramp.

The Californian company eMotorWerks includes considerable connectivity capabilities in its JuiceBox line of chargers, and now offers similar features to other EVSE manufacturers through its JuiceNet smart grid platform.

ClipperCreek will now offer JuiceNet capabilities with its HCS line of chargers, initially in the flagship HCS-40 and HCS-40P.

According to eMotorWerks, JuiceNet controls EV charging stations via a cloud-based, self-learning software platform: “JuiceNet communication, revenue-grade telemetry, and control hardware, combined with a cloud software layer and smartphone/web front-ends, will provide greater control and convenience to customers. JuiceNet-enabled HCS stations will allow anytime/anyplace control via a mobile app, and reductions in emissions and electricity costs based on user-defined charging preferences.”

“Bringing advanced smart grid capabilities to the ClipperCreek product line further validates our vision for JuiceNet as a universal platform for managing large, shiftable loads,” said eMotorWerks founder Valery Miftakhov. “eMotorWerks will deliver a top-notch consumer experience, while helping utilities and grid operators save money and make our electric grids more reliable and resilient.”

The HCS-40 JuiceNet Edition is now available for pre-order from eMotorWerks, and will start shipping at the end of October.


Sources: ClipperCreek, eMotorWerks


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