eMotorWerks delivers 3500 JuiceBox charging stations

eMotorWerks JuiceBox Pro 40

EVSE manufacturer eMotorWerks has delivered over 3,500 of its JuiceBox charging stations since it began volume shipments in October 2013, and expects sales to double in 2015.

The lightweight plug-in JuiceBox comes in two versions: the Classic, which starts at $449, and the Pro, which adds additional functionality including WiFi data collection and remote control. Both are available at either 30 Amp/7.5 kW or 40 Amp/10 kW power ratings.

JuiceBox Pro 40 

JuiceBox is designed to be smart-grid-ready. Grid operators can shift charging times and power levels to help ease congestion on distribution grid circuits and provide rapid response to adverse grid events.

“Our advanced, reliable, and cost-effective charging solution makes it possible for every EV owner to have their own Level 2 charging station,” said founder Valery Miftakhov. “With faster charge times you get on the road more quickly, and our connected solutions allow you to schedule charging at times of reduced electricity rates.”


Source: eMotorWerks

  • Robert Jans

    Good for them. Be warned, however, that their JuiceBox does not work on a (at least a EU version) of the i3. The company will deny this, but I haven’t seen a single of their units sold+operating in Europe.

    • eMotorWerks

      Thank you for purchasing a JuiceBox Premium kit, Robert. We are sorry to hear that it did not work out for you, and apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Raymond Ramírez

    I have the Premium 16kW Level 2 JuiceBox that is shaped like a “Duracell” AA cell (and I painted it black and gold, too). There is no mention of it here.