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SABIC launches new resin for EV battery modules

Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) has launched a new resin for the insulation film in EV battery modules with 600-800 V cells.  NORYL NHP8000VT3 is a polyphenylene ether (PPO)-based resin, and the company says that, compared to polycarbonate (PC) and polypropylene (PP) insulation films, NORYL NHP8000VT3 has “stronger CTI performance and thinner-wall FR capability.” “The… Read more »

SABIC’s new resins for battery modules and housings boast lighter weight, enhanced flame resistance

Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) is offering two new types of NORYL resin for the battery modules and housings of EVs. Reinforced by fiberglass and composed of a proprietary Polyphenylene Ether (PPE), the NORYL NHP6011 and NHP6012 resins “deliver enhanced robust flame retardancy and impact strength to meet stringent industry-related safety standards, as well as… Read more »

SABIC introduces new dielectric film for high-voltage capacitors in EV inverters

SABIC has introduced its new 5-micron ELCRES HTV150 dielectric film for high-temperature, high-voltage capacitor applications such as EV traction inverters. The company says its new film withstands temperatures up to 150° C. The film is intended to support the transition from conventional silicon-based semiconductors to next-generation, wide-band-gap silicon carbide (SiC) technologies, improving inverter efficiency.  “Multiple… Read more »

Concept EV uses LEXAN windows to boost range

The relentless quest to build lighter vehicles is driven by the need to reduce emissions, but it sometimes produces other benefits as well. A German-based consortium including BMW and Daimler has built a concept EV with all-plastic windows that not only demonstrates gains in energy efficiency and range, but also delivers improved acceleration, vehicle handling… Read more »