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SABIC introduces new dielectric film for high-voltage capacitors in EV inverters

SABIC has introduced its new 5-micron ELCRES HTV150 dielectric film for high-temperature, high-voltage capacitor applications such as EV traction inverters. The company says its new film withstands temperatures up to 150° C. The film is intended to support the transition from conventional silicon-based semiconductors to next-generation, wide-band-gap silicon carbide (SiC) technologies, improving inverter efficiency. 

“Multiple industries, from wind and solar to aerospace and automotive, are looking to adopt high-efficiency, low-loss silicon-carbide semiconductors for inverter modules,” said Business Director Scott Fisher. “Until now, this goal has been hampered by capacitors using lower-temperature films that often fail in high-heat applications without active cooling. Our new ELCRES dielectric film allows customers to leverage silicon carbide’s increased power capability while operating at temperatures up to 150° C. This innovative film can support significantly improved inverter module operation to help drive higher performance in EV and other demanding applications.”

SABIC will discuss this new dielectric film at the E-Mobility Forum during PCIM Europe, being held virtually May 3-7, 2021. Chief Scientist Adel Bastawros will deliver a presentation titled, “ELCRES HTV150 High Heat Dielectric Film for DC Link Power Capacitors” on May 4 at 3:20 pm Central European Summer Time (CEST).

Source: SABIC


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