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A dealership perspective: How we can sell millions of EVs

Sales of EVs and PHEVs are growing at what seems like an impressive pace, but are still tiny in relation to the larger auto market. Total new vehicle sales reached an all-time high of over 17 million in 2015, but plug-in sales just cracked the one-percent mark in Europe, and are still well under one… Read more »

New NREL study measures the public’s attitude about plug-in vehicles

A new report by Mark Singer of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) aims to highlight what consumers think about plug-in vehicles, including pure EVs and PHEVs, and to gain some insights about what may be needed to encourage widespread adoption. The report, Consumer Views on Plug-in Electric Vehicles – National Benchmark Report, presents the… Read more »

March plug-in sales take off as Tesla factory cranks into high gear

US plug-in sales have resumed their steep upward climb. March sales shattered last year’s figure, setting a new all-time record. Around 13,725 plug-ins were sold in March, a 33% increase over March 2015 and a few units more than the previous monthly record set in December. American car buyers now have around two dozen EV and… Read more »

February plug-in sales: Tesla and Chevy battle for the lead, Ford grabs third by a nose

US plug-in sales are on the rise again – February’s figure of 7,881 was the fourth consecutive monthly record, and an increase of 13% over last February’s 6,951. The Tesla Model S regained the lead that it briefly lost to the Volt in January – estimated sales were 1,550 units in the US (via InsideEVs). The… Read more »

Plug-in sales grow again in January as Chevy, Tesla and Nissan continue to lead

2015 was a disappointing year for plug-in purchases in the US (although sales soared in Europe). Annual sales fell short of the previous year, mostly thanks to a mid-year slump. However, growth returned in October, and January marks the fourth month in a row that US sales have bested the previous year’s monthly figure. 6,291… Read more »

Autofacts: European sales of electrified vehicles will grow 433% by 2021

Europe arrived at the electric party a couple of years later than the US, but is now quickly making up for lost time. PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Autofacts group estimates that European sales of electrified vehicles (including EVs, PHEVs, mild and full hybrids) will grow 433% to 2.2 million units by 2021. The consultancy found that plug-in vehicle… Read more »

Tesla leads the pack as overall 2015 plug-in sales fall short

2015 was a year of retrenching and preparation for the future in the EV industry. US sales for the year were around 116,000, falling short of 2014’s figure of 123,000. The Tesla Model S grabbed and held the lead position, handily outselling all other plug-ins in the US with 25,700 deliveries. However, the big news… Read more »