InCharge Energy introduces three multi-EV charging products

Commercial fleet charging services provider InCharge Energy has introduced three new chargers—the ICE-600, ICE-480 and ICE CUBE.

The Micro Dispenser for the new ICE-600 split system offers dynamic power sharing of up to 500 kW to charge up to 10 EVs simultaneously, charging at either 10 Micro single-cable dispensers or at five Slim Line dual-cable dispensers. Its compact design is aimed at locations with space limitations. The system provides dynamic power sharing in 60 kW increments and, as a vehicle’s charging session ends, auto-reroutes the power to vehicles still charging.

The ICE-600’s Slim Line dispenser can charge at up to 500 kW on a single connector and can be installed on a pedestal or near a wall. The Micro dispenser can provide up to 180 kW on one connector and can be mounted overhead or under a loading dock. Customer deliveries of the ICE-600 are expected to begin during the fourth quarter of 2024.

The ICE-480 enables the power cabinet and up to four Slim Line dispensers to be positioned approximately 100 yards apart. Up to eight EVs can be plugged in at the same time and four vehicles can charge simultaneously. Power is shared dynamically in 120 kW increments. A single connector can provide up to 480 kW if no other connectors are in use. 

The ICE CUBE is a 240 kW split charging system with integrated battery storage of 200 kWh, which can be increased to 800 kWh so that vehicles can still charge during peak periods. The split system dispenser configuration has capacity for four vehicles to be plugged in at two dispensers. The charging system can use the local grid, a solar panel, power modules or battery packs.

“Our new charging solutions address a pressing need for more powerful solutions that charge a variety of fleet vehicles simultaneously and dynamically, even within constrained spaces,” said Nikolas Runge, Chief Technology Officer at InCharge Energy.

Source: InCharge Energy

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