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Boeing orders space-qualified Li-ion cells from GS Yuasa Lithium Power

Boeing has placed an order with GS Yuasa Lithium Power for LSE190 lithium-ion cells, which will be used to power two ViaSat-3 geostationary communications satellites. Each satellite will provide one terabit per second of throughput. The LSE190 cell is specifically engineered to support these kinds of high-power duty cycles, and to achieve a 15-year mission… Read more »

Bosch, GS Yuasa and Mitsubishi: We intend to double Li-ion battery capacity

Three automotive giants have unfurled their banners in the crusade to build a better battery. Robert Bosch, GS Yuasa and Mitsubishi have set up a joint venture, called Lithium Energy and Power, to develop next-generation lithium-ion battery technology with an ambitious goal of doubling energy capacity. The intrepid partners announced no target date for reaching… Read more »

Mouse Tesla offers to remove thorn from Lion Boeing’s paw

Elon Musk, the entrepreneurial force behind Tesla Motors and SpaceX, who surely knows a thing or two about lithium-ion batteries, has offered unspecified aid to aviation giant Boeing, whose flagship 787 Dreamliner remains grounded after a pair of battery-related incidents.  “Desire to help Boeing is real & am corresponding w 787 chief engineer,” Musk tweeted… Read more »

Pike report assesses 10 leading lithium battery firms

Lithium ion batteries – we EV boosters love ‘em (though we wish they could be a bit lighter and a lot cheaper). EV party-poopers hate ‘em, telling anyone who will listen that they’re bound to explode, stop working after a year or two, or maybe even channel mind-controlling signals from hippy Communist aliens. Everyone agrees… Read more »