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Fairchild launches new discrete and bare die IGBTs for hybrids and EVs

Semiconductor pioneer Fairchild (NASDAQ: FCS) is expanding its portfolio of automotive-grade semiconductor solutions for electrified vehicles with its new discrete and bare die IGBTs and diodes, which are designed to be well-suited for traction inverters. The new components feature Field Stop Trench IGBT technology and a soft fast recovery diode. Designers can add IGBTs in… Read more »

Fairchild’s new line of MOSFETs and High Voltage Rectifiers

Semiconductor supplier Fairchild (NASDAQ: FCS) has introduced new automotive-qualified SuperFET II MOSFET and High Voltage Rectifier product families, which are designed to increase the power ratings of onboard chargers and DC-to-DC converters used in hybrid and electric vehicles. “A chief goal for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle manufacturers is keeping onboard battery chargers and DC-to-DC… Read more »

A closer look at the semiconductor switch

In this article I’ll be giving an overview of that most important of power electronics components: the semiconductor switch. I’ll first address what a switch is, and then delve into some of the more important compromises and shortcomings that exist in real-world switches that engineers must contend with when designing chargers, motor controllers, DC-DC converters… Read more »