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Balqon to introduce plug-in hybrid drive system for heavy-duty trucks and buses

Balqon Corporation (OTCBB: BLQN) has entered into a joint development agreement with Polar Power Inc. to develop series plug-in hybrid systems for its line of heavy-duty electric trucks and buses. The companies will develop a 40 kw on-board DC hybrid generator to charge batteries during the daily drive cycle to increase the range of the… Read more »

Vision Industries and Balqon collaborate to build a hybrid fuel cell-powered terminal tractor

Vision Industries and Balqon Corporation have entered into a Joint Development Agreement to build a zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell /electric hybrid terminal tractor, the Zero-TT. The Zero-TT will incorporate a Cargotec Kalmar chassis, Balqon’s electric drivetrain and Vision’s hydrogen fuel cell range extender. It is intended to combine the superior acceleration of a battery-powered EV… Read more »

Find your niche: Balqon Corporation targets short haul drayage tractors

Electric vehicles (EVs) have their partisans and detractors. Supporters see the be-all and end-all transportation solution, while opponents argue the technology is too young. Somewhere between the two extremes lies the truth: today’s commercially available EVs have strengths and weaknesses compared to internal combustion engine (ICEs). The strong points include lower operating costs and lack… Read more »