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Balqon introduces MX30 class 8 electric tractor

Short haul drayage – the hauling of shipping containers in and around ports – is a perfect fit for EVs.


Here’s an example of a company that has identified a perfect niche for EVs. It’s also an example that you can use to enlighten your behind-the-times friends when they start talking about “glorified golf carts.” This cute little guy can tow a load of over 30 tons, with a maximum speed of 70 mph, and a range of up to 150 miles. The MX30, a new on-road class 8 electric tractor made by Balqon Corporation (OTCBB: BLQN), will be on display at next week’s EVS26 Expo.

Short haul drayage – the hauling of shipping containers in and around ports – is a perfect fit for EVs. The tractors travel short distances, they idle a lot while waiting for a ship or train to be unloaded, and ports are major air polluters. Several years ago, the Port of Los Angeles commissioned Balqon to design an EV for the task, and the first went into service in 2009. The MX30 is the latest and greatest version. Assembled on a Freightliner truck chassis, it has standard 600 Volt lithium batteries and a six speed automatic transmission.

“The EVS26 event, where new technologies promoting electric transportation are on display, offers what we believe to be an excellent opportunity to exhibit our industry-leading lithium battery powered 30 ton capacity Class 8 tractor to an international audience,” said Balqon CEO Balwinder Samra. “High fuel costs favor higher-efficiency electric vehicle solutions in high idling short-haul applications at locations such as ports, airports and urban centers where both smog and congestion contribute to health risks to local communities. The MX30, a heavy-duty electric tractor, is ideal for short-haul container drayage applications at these locations. For example, we believe that the MX30 is an ideal solution for use at ports where air pollution is severe and distances travelled between marine terminals and local rail yards are less than five miles per trip.”


Source: Balqon
Image: Balqon


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