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Alcoa splits into two companies as auto industry demands more aluminum

Aluminum colossus Alcoa (NYSE:AA) has approved a plan to split into two independent, publicly-traded companies, referred to for now as the Upstream Company and the Value-Add Company. The transaction is to be completed in the second half of 2016. Global aluminum demand is expected to double between 2010 and 2020, driven partly by the light… Read more »

Phinergy CEO on aluminum-air batteries and 1,000-mile range-extended EVs

Along with its industry giant partner Alcoa, Israeli startup Phinergy says it has aluminum-air batteries for EVs in the can. More than 550 feet over the National Mall in Washington, DC, the single most significant piece of American aluminum triangulates a point between the White House, the US Capitol, and the Lincoln Memorial. It is… Read more »

Alcoa applies for DOE loan to expand aluminum plant

The DOE has proposed lending money to aluminum giant Alcoa to increase production at a Tennessee factory, the first loan to a supplier under the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing program, which was created by Congress in 2007 but hasn’t approved a loan since 2011. Alcoa spokeswoman Lori Lecker told Automotive News the company has applied… Read more »

Phinergy partners with Alcoa to commercialize its aluminum-air batteries

The potential of aluminum as an energy storage medium is no secret – you may have seen the internet videos showing how to make a crude battery from aluminum foil, charcoal and salt. However, a company called Phinergy has a much grander (and hopefully more practical) vision. The Israeli startup has signed a joint development… Read more »

Alcoa’s all-aluminum design reduces weight of BYD Electric Bus by 40 percent

The bus world is buzzing over the news that aluminum giant Alcoa’s design for the new BYD Electric Bus reduces its body weight by 40 percent compared to steel options, which should improve the range by at least 10 percent. The new design features an all-aluminum frame, as well as forged aluminum wheels and fasteners…. Read more »