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Zeem Solutions orders 50 Class 6 electric powertrains from Lightning Systems

Lightning Systems, a developer of zero-emission powertrains for commercial fleets, has announced a new all-electric Low Cab Forward model in the Class 6 segment.

The Lightning Electric heavy-duty powertrain will be available in the 19,501-26,000 pound gross vehicle weight rating. Orders are being accepted now, and delivery is to begin in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Commercial EV service provider Zeem Solutions has placed the first order, for 50 units, which will be integrated into the Chevrolet 6500XD Low Cab Forward model.

The new Lightning Electric LEV100 powertrain is available on new Class 6 trucks or as a retrofit for existing fleet vehicles. It features a 2-speed Eaton automatic transmission and CCS DC fast charging. Peak motor power is 295 hp, range is 110 miles, and top speed is 65 mph. Lightning provides a five-year, 60,000-mile warranty on the powertrain, matching the GM vehicle warranty.

“The heavy-duty model that we’re introducing follows our model of leveraging a high-quality, industry-leading platform that is already embedded in fleets, trusted by commercial customers, and is highly serviceable with nationwide spare parts,” said Tim Reeser, CEO of Lightning Systems. “Just like our Ford Transit and city bus powertrains, the vehicle is elegantly engineered, quick, powerful, and quiet.”

“In addition to wanting to implement an environmentally responsible fleet management strategy, Zeem customers need an electric truck that delivers reliable performance at or near the operating cost of existing diesel options,” said Bruce Shallet, Chairman of Zeem Solutions. “We have developed technology in our vehicles that makes it easier for our customers to optimize the economics, performance, and life of battery and vehicle, whether on the road or parked.”

“I have been deeply involved in the electric commercial truck vehicle space for over 10 years, and have driven all the current options available,” said Paul Gioupis, CEO of Zeem Solutions. “We chose the Lightning product because, once we drove the electrified Ford Transit, we were blown away with the acceleration and overall performance, and it became clear why Ford selected them as their preferred partner. The truck is an absolute beast, and there is no other product on the market like it.”


Source: Lightning Systems


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