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VOSS Automotive introduces new thermal management technologies for EVs and energy storage

German line and connection technology supplier VOSS presented its latest developments in battery energy storage systems (BESS) and immersion cooling at the recent Battery Show 2023 in Stuttgart.

In the field of BESS, which refers to battery module containers, the company has designed what it says is an improved line system with a vent valve and a double flow stop valve to prevent cooling water leakage during battery module removal.

Up to now, immersion cooling has involved circulation of an electrically nonconductive cooling liquid directly around the cells to ensure more efficient heat dissipation and uniform temperature distribution than conventional systems, which use cooling plates to separate cells from the cooling medium. VOSS says it has developed an electrically conductive immersion cooling system that mitigates the risk of static charging through use of valves, quick connection systems and lines that allow voltage to flow toward a grounding point.

VOSS Product Manager Andreas Suhr said, “With our line and valve technology, we enable optimal temperature control for battery modules in BESS containers, facilitating efficient storage of energy from renewable resources and subsequent integration into the power grid.” 

Source: VOSS


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