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TWAICE expands battery simulation model library

The TWAICE battery model library is a collection of electrical, thermal and aging cell simulation models. Responding to client needs, the library can now be expanded and deployed for a wider range of applications and use cases in the energy and mobility sectors. These include accelerating cell selection and system design, replacing lengthy testing cycles and supporting BMS development and validation.

“We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback on our cell simulation models, and have constantly improved the parametrization processes in order to deliver high-quality models faster,” said Co-CEO Michael Baumann. “Customers want a variety of cells and they want them now. We are very happy to have reached the stage where we can offer just that.”

Cells that are already part of the TWAICE collection are available at the click of a button. Custom cells requested by customers are parametrized in the TWAICE on-premises testing facilities within three months. 

TWAICE says the standardized and validated models cover nearly all applications. Adaptations of the model or extensions of the validity range are available upon request. Customers also have access to the entire library of cells and standardized cell datasheets, enabling them to run comparisons.

Source: TWAICE


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