SKY Smart Charging uses open standards to help utilities manage EV loads

As EVs multiply, utilities are beginning to see the need to manage EV charging to prevent overloading of the electricity network. The impact of EV charging on peak load and local distribution networks are some of the key challenges.

San Francisco-based Greenlots has introduced its SKY Smart Charging platform to address the needs of the utility and vehicle-grid integration (VGI) sectors. SKY Smart Charging is a network management solution that utilizes Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), and it lets utilities manage EV loads through OpenADR, an already established industry standard for demand response. This eliminates the need for utilities to develop separate systems for EV charging management.

SKY Smart Charging allows utilities to resolve peak load impact of EV charging through automatic load curtailment, and to provide price incentives to users to charge EVs during off-peak hours. Consumers can opt in or out of particular demand response programs.

“With the proliferation of EVs, demand response programs will be a critical aspect of ensuring charging availability without the need for utilities to incur expensive infrastructure upgrades,” said Brett Hauser, President of Greenlots. “The OpenADR Alliance is committed to programs which help utilities maintain grid reliability and enable customers to realize significant value. So, receiving OpenADR certification was a natural step for Greenlots as we continue our global efforts to support driving interoperability and open standards for the industry.”


Source: Greenlots
Image: arbyreed/Flickr

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