Meritor to acquire AxleTech for $175 million

Automobile component manufacturer Meritor will acquire drivetrain company AxleTech for $175 million in an effort to expand its off-highway, defense, and aftermarket segments. AxelTech’s offerings include a line of independent suspensions, axles, braking solutions, and drivetrain components. The company recently launched a new line of electric powertrain systems for off-highway applications.

Jay Craig, Meritor’s CEO and President, said, “The addition of AxleTech is a compelling value-creating opportunity to broaden our position in attractive, adjacent markets and advances our M2022 strategy. Meritor’s technical expertise, operational excellence and proven track record will be a powerful platform to accelerate growth. Our product portfolios are highly complementary and we share a commitment to our people and customers.”

Bill Gryzenia, AxleTech CEO, said, “AxleTech has positioned itself as a strong, advanced drivetrain solutions manufacturer in the off-highway and defense market segments. These solutions range from heavy-duty axles to new re-manufacturing capabilities and electric powertrain systems for our global customer base.”

Source: Meritor

  • EVman

    won’t work! No enough power for full loads and open highway. Once you get high rpm you lose efficiency as well. If you put on dual axle you will get tire chatter sooner or later and go through tires like wildfire in California Santa Ana valley.

    • Dan Golthing

      What won’t work? An electric axle? It’s already been done a thousand times over. I’ve built multiple heavy vehicles with electric motors driving a conventional axle with no issues other than the electric torque and reverse bending due to electric braking has a tendency to snap axles that were designed for IC engines.

      • EVman

        That is what I mean. It won’t work. What about heavy loads that exceed GVW? You are bending in reverse because of the Nm required on your system. Fords new Rivian will have the same issues. You are one the first to admit the problems with this direct drive on heavy trucks and buses. Yes, you are correct it will work with no load and simple in town driving. Trucks are made for the roads and hills and mountains as well. is the only company in the world that is a flawless system on all terrain and situations working now.

        • Dan Golthing

          What do you mean “exceed GVW”? Loads should not exceed GVW.

          Our axle problem was solved with modifying the drive parameters.


          All of the components can be sized for the load and the drive can be modified to keep from overloading the parts.

          This is a no-brainer. no different than the millions of hydraulically-driven axles already in service.

          We actually had several versions of e-axles that worked flawlessly.