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Magna uses cloud connectivity to increase EV range and hybrid decrease emissions

Magna’s roadmap to e-mobility now includes the company’s new connected hybrid powertrains and EV drives. The company recently demonstrated both systems at its winter test driving site in northern Sweden.

The Magna EtelligentEco, an intelligent, connected PHEV system, offers a cloud connectivity feature that allows it to perform several new functions. For example, it accounts for local electricity sources when charging is required, and recommends a greener power option to the driver.

Also, the driver can employ smart cruise control and “eco-routing,” which considers topology and traffic status to help determine the most efficient path to a destination. The combination of these features, with its specially-tuned operating software and controls, and its new dedicated hybrid transmission, can result in CO2 emission reductions.

Magna’s hybrid transmission has a 120 kW motor at its core. The system performs in dynamic driving situations, as well as launch and reverse driving, all in electric mode. The Magna EtelligentEco provides an electric driving range of 62 miles.

The Magna EtelligentReach is an all-electric AWD solution with options including intelligent operating software and controls. Magna says the technology increases range and enhances driving dynamics. 

The latest updates also include a decoupling function, inverters with silicon carbide technology and improved operating software.

“As automakers continue to progress towards a zero-emissions future, we are the supplier partner that can give them new and innovative products to help them get there,” said President Tom Rucker. “Based on our vehicle systems expertise and scalable building blocks technology approach, we can match our customers’ needs with complete electrified powertrain solutions as well as subsystems and components.”

Source: Magna


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