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KEB’s T6 Auxiliary Inverter can handle multiple electric motors with diverse power ratings

KEB America has released a new inverter for commercial hybrid and electric vehicles in the North American market. The T6 Auxiliary Inverter is a multi-inverter system made for auxiliary motors including compressors, pumps and electric power take-off systems.

The T6 can handle up to six electric motors with three different power ratings. It has an embedded controller, inverter drive controls, and electromagnetic compatibility filtering, all in the same compact unit. The drive has IP67 and IP6K9K ratings on the housing and connectors, so it can be installed in harsh operating environments.

The T6 inverter provides speed and torque control for the auxiliary functions of an EV. All the drive’s components conform to automotive temperature and vibration standards.

Each inverter axis supports a variety of motor type options: induction, synchronous PM, switched reluctance, or linear. KEB’s motor control algorithms allow for “sensorless” (no encoder) closed-loop speed, torque, and positioning performance.

Integrated features include common-mode DC EMI filters and an embedded main control unit (MCU) that supports a CODESYS programming environment for intelligent system control. With two CAN ports available, the MCU also supports a CAN communication gateway with the J1939 protocol.


Source: KEB Automation


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