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Ionic Mineral Technologies launches nano-silicon product for Li-ion cell manufacturers

Ionic Mineral Technologies, a developer of silicon anode battery materials, has launched Generation 1 Ionisil nano-silicon for lithium-ion cell makers.

EV OEM production labs have independently confirmed that an all-silicon battery using Generation 1 Ionisil can reach a reversible capacity of 2,700 mAh/g and 2,500 mAh/g at a 2,000 mAh fast charging rate in half-cell testing. 

The initial coulombic efficiency (ICE) of the silicon electrode, made from an aqueous slurry, is 85% without prelithiation. Ionisil-graphite electrodes with 15% Ionisil substitution in a water-based CMC/SBR binder system achieved 91% ICE and 740 mAh/g stable capacity. This 15% Ionisil replacement in graphite is predicted to produce a lithium-ion battery with 20% greater capacity and 20% more miles per charge in commercial applications.

“The Ionisil technology represents a significant advancement in battery materials, offering lithium-ion cell manufacturers a solution that delivers higher energy density and faster charging capabilities,” said Andre Zeitoun, Ionic Mineral Technologies’ CEO.

Source: Ionic Mineral Technologies

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