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Improved motor and controller gives Renault Zoe a range of 149 miles

Renault ZOE Motor

Renault has extended the range of its Zoe electric hatchback by 14.6% to 149 miles (on the New European Driving Cycle) by using a lighter and more compact motor and an optimized electronic management system.

The R240, designed by Renault, is a synchronous electric motor with rotor coil, with a power output of 65 kW and torque of 220 N·m (162 lb-ft). It also features a built-in Chameleon charger.

Renault ZOE Motor

When designing the latest version of the R240, Renault’s engineers focused on integrating components, which enabled them to cut the motor’s size by 10% without sacrificing performance.

Renault ZOE Motor 1

The junction box, power electronics unit and Chameleon charger are now integrated into a single Power Electronic Controller unit.

In the motor, stacked modules have been replaced by fully integrated modules that are smaller than ever. Gaps between modules have been reduced, and external power cables eliminated wherever possible.

Renault ZOE Motor

An air cooling system is now used for the motor assembly, so ducts between modules are no longer needed. Only the Power Electronic Controller is still water-cooled.


Source: Renault via Green Car Congress

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