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Gotion High-Tech’s Astroinno battery claims 1,000 km range without NCM

Chinese battery manufacturer Gotion High-Tech has introduced its lithium manganese iron phosphate (LMFP) based Astroinno L600 battery cell and pack, which it plans to start mass producing in 2024.

Manganese-doped LMFP Astroinno batteries offer a 1,000 km range, over 1,800 cycles of 18-minute fast charging and 190 Wh/kg specific energy, according to the company. Gotion High-Tech uses co-precipitation, doping encapsulation technology, new granulation technology and electrolyte additives to solve the challenges of Mn dissolving at high temperatures, low conductivity and low compaction density. 

Astroinno battery pack

Astroinno’s simple design and sandwich-structure double-sided liquid cooling technology decrease the battery pack’s number of structural elements and weight by 45% and 32%, respectively, according to the company. Moreover, its electrical design reduces the length of the battery pack wire harness from 303 meters to 80 meters—26% that of previous battery packs—but the volumetric cell-to-pack ratio has reached 76% and the in-house thermal insulation materials can endure 1,200° C.

“The Astroinno L600 LMFP battery cell has a [specific energy] of 240 Wh/kg, an energy density of 525 Wh/L, a cycle life of 4,000 times at room temperature and a cycle life of 1,800 times at high temperatures. It is due to the high energy density that we can enable a range of 1,000 km without relying on NCM materials,” said Dr. Cheng, Executive President of Gotion High-Tech’s International Business Unit.

Source: Gotion High-tech

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