Fortum Charge & Drive building fast charging corridors in Norway

Fortum charge&drive

Fortum Charge & Drive, which operates a network of over 812 affiliated smart chargers in the Nordic countries, is hard at work building charging corridors along the highways of Norway, the world’s EV capital.

By the end of this year, Fortum will offer charging stations with CCS/CHAdeMO fast charging capabilities every 31 miles along the highways connecting Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen, Kristiansand and Stavanger.

Fortum recently opened a station at Nebbenes, 45 minutes north of Oslo, with four dual-standard fast chargers and four Mode 2 charging points with 22 kW of power. Tesla operates 20 Superchargers at the same location.

“So far this year we have installed about 160 new CCS/CHAdeMO fast chargers in Norway, with a lot more on the way before the end of the year,” says Fortum’s Norway Country Manager Jan Haugen.


Source: Fortum Charge & Drive




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