EVgo’s new mobile app starts a DC fast charge with just a swipe

Fast charging network EVgo has released a new mobile app for iOS and Android devices, designed to provide EV drivers with convenient access to its network of over 980 DC fast chargers.

The new app, developed in partnership with charging solution provider Driivz, enables drivers to start a charging session with no need for an access card.

Drivers can navigate to the nearest charger, check availability in real time, set alerts for when in-use chargers become available, initiate a session with a single swipe on their phone, and remotely monitor charge duration.

EVgo has also launched a web-based driver portal that’s designed to work seamlessly with the smartphone app, and allows customers to review their charging history and plans.

“EVgo is already providing a customer experience that makes EV ownership easy and the addition of new tools, such as the EVgo app, will allow EVgo to deliver the highest quality customer experience to the growing number of EV drivers hitting the road,” said EVgo CEO Dave Schembri.


Source: Driivz


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