Electrify America launches app, membership plans, lower introductory charging rates

Electrify America, the EV charging network operator and VW’s state-mandated penance for Dieselgate, has launched a mobile app for Android and iPhone as well as new membership plans and lower introductory charging prices. All of this is on top of the organization’s plan to install 484 charging stations in the US by July this year.

The app allows users to locate chargers in a specific area, see how many of each type of charger exists at each station, and which ones are available. Users can also see pricing at each station, pay for charging through the app, and track charging progress.

The charging network operator will also introduce two charging membership plans, called Electrify America Pass and Electrify America Pass+. Electrify America Pass will include the standard per-minute cost plus a $1 session fee. Electrify America Pass+ is a subscription plan with the lowest per-minute price and a $4 monthly subscription fee.

Electrify America says it will also change its introductory charging pricing – currently set at $0.30 to $0.35 per minute – and will implement a roughly 20% reduction on those prices, depending on regions and local utility rates. Under the new pricing structure, per-minute costs are dependent on the power level at which the car is charging and the state where the charger is located. There will be three power levels for pricing: 0-75 kW; 76-125 kW; and 126-350 kW.

Electrify America says the app, membership plans, and new pricing will all be available in late May.

Electrify America CEO Giovanni Palazzo said, “With our new app, we put all the information and capabilities you need to charge your EV right in your pocket, making charging with us easier than ever. Combined with our new membership plans, we are streamlining the charging experience at our ultra-fast chargers.”

Source: Electrify America


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