Electrify America to install 30 ultra-fast charging stations at Krogers and other businesses

Charging network operator Electrify America, VW’s government-mandated penance for Dieselgate, is working with nine companies to host more than 30 ultra-fast charging stations across the US.

The companies include grocery chains Kroger and Save Mart, a handful of real estate investment trusts, and real estate company Pan-Cal. More than 20 of the new charging sites will be located in California. The remainder will be spread across Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia and Washington.

Electrify America is looking to future-proof its infrastructure, installing chargers ranging in power capacity from 150 kW all the way up to 350 kW.

By July 2019, Electrify America plans to install or have under development 484 charging station sites featuring more than 2,000 ultra-fast chargers. By the end of 2021, Electrify America plans to install DC fast charging stations in 29 metro areas, as well as along high-traffic corridors in 46 states and two cross-country routes. The company will invest $2 billion over ten years in EV infrastructure and education.

Rachel Moses, Senior Manager at Electrify America, said, “We thoughtfully select locations for our charging stations to offer customers convenience and access to additional amenities, and believe that these new locations will appeal to a wide range of existing and future electric vehicle owners.”

Source: Electrify America

  • Lance Pickup

    Grocery stores are an excellent site for fast chargers. It provides a worthwhile amenity for customers; the timing of a shopping trip works out just about perfectly; and this provides a real solution for those urban drivers that don’t have other charging options, but would otherwise be taking regular trips to the store. I also suspect the electric demand at a supermarket would be sufficiently high that the addition of fast chargers would not be incrementally huge.

  • reddwarf2956

    and none in MS.

    • Tostik

      I can’t figure out why EA is ignoring I-20 between Dallas and Atlanta? Every interstate going out of Dallas and Atlanta is covered, except I-20. Hey, EA, it would only take 6 or 7 chargers to cover this route!