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EDI launches PHEV Class 3 utility truck

Efficient Drivetrains PHEV Truck

Efficient Drivetrains Inc (EDI), a drivetrain manufacturer with offices in Silicon Valley and China, has launched a Class 3 utility truck with a plug-in hybrid powertrain that it says can reduce emissions and fuel use by up to 80 percent.

The new vehicle, which is built on a popular Detroit OEM commercial fleet truck, is aimed at utility and telecom providers. It features 30-40 miles of electric range, bi-directional charging, 50-120 kW of exportable power, and enough battery capacity to operate vehicle accessories and job site tools without running the diesel engine.

EDI’s line of PHEVs also includes Class 4-6 medium-duty and Class 7-8 heavy-duty commercial work trucks. All are available in multiple configurations.

“The light-duty truck class is an important and high-volume vehicle category for fleet owners,” said Charlie Travis, Head of Sales and Business Development. “The creation of a PHEV version with power export is an integral step towards significantly reducing emissions and fuel consumption for the utility and telecom industries.”

According to EDI, its PHEVs can be used to store energy for various purposes without affecting driving range. The company’s Power Drive system allows the vehicle to generate power for up to 12 hours idle-free for stationary uses such as power restoration during natural disaster recovery and other electrical outages. The vehicles are also capable of charging other EVs when needed.


Source: Efficient Drivetrains, Inc


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