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Eaton offers stamped battery terminals for EVs 

Intelligent power management company Eaton’s Power Connections business is offering stamped battery terminals for EVs and internal combustion vehicles and on- and off-highway commercial vehicles.

Stamped battery terminals from Eaton offer better energy cycling performance than diecast or forged terminals and weight reductions that vary by application, the company said. The stamped battery terminals are customizable and compatible with SAE, DIN, IEC and JIS battery post configurations. Eaton’s tools also have the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of customer routing requirements.

“Each of our battery terminals can be uniquely customized to customer specifications. We also employ finite element analysis, which predicts real-world physical behavior by testing cam models,” said John Romain, Product Management Director, Power Connections, Eaton’s Mobility Group. “Our stamped battery terminals are also suited for commercial vehicle applications that use large-gauge cables because it takes more force to pull the terminal free from its post than traditional diecast or forged terminals.”

Source: Eaton


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