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Continuous Solutions upgrades its electric motor lab to military grade

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Continuous Solutions, a Portland, Oregon-based engineering firm that specializes in the research and development of ultra high-efficiency electric motors, now functions with military grade environmental testing standard.

The company has added a thermal chamber (-160º to 160º C), a dust-exposure chamber and a water-submersion testing tank to its laboratory. The facility has also added a second machine testbed with 132 kW 4-quadrant dynamometer, including an acoustically isolated dyno that meets the Department of Defense’s Technical Readiness Level 7 standard.

The lab upgrade was made possible by Oregon’s Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) grant award titled, “High-performance Switch Reluctance Machine Controller.”

“Our goals are to start putting our tech in renewable energy applications that will improve people’s lives,” said CEO Dr. Nyah Zarate.

Source: Continuous Solutions


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