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CISSOID and Silicon Mobility partner to provide SiC inverter reference design

Semiconductor maker CISSOID and Silicon Mobility, a supplier of electrified powertrain control solutions, are partnering to deliver a complete and modular SiC inverter reference design that supports electric motor drives up to 350 kW / 850 V.

The design combines CISSOID’s high-voltage power module, integrated gate driver board and control board with Silicon Mobility’s OLEA T222 FPCU, DC and phase current sensors, DC link capacitor and EMI filtering, together with integrated liquid cooling.

“Until now,” commented CISSOID CEO Dave Hutton, “customers only really had two options. The first was to develop all the hardware, then integrate third-party software. This was extremely time-consuming and required in-depth knowledge of SiC-based power system design. The second was to buy an off-the-shelf inverter that did not offer the ability to fully customize for the application requirements.”

CISSOID says customers can now buy a complete SiC inverter reference design from CISSOID together with a license to use Silicon Mobility’s OLEA App Inverter control software and design on top of its software application. This includes technical support from CISSOID for integrating the inverter into the end application.

To learn more, watch the recent webinar presented at the Charged Virtual Conference on EV Engineering.



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