California program to demonstrate electric school buses with V2G technology

The California Energy Commission has approved a $1.4-million grant to the consulting firm National Strategies (NSI) for an electric school bus demonstration program. Together with a previously awarded grant from the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the total of $2.2 million will finance the development of six electric school buses that will be deployed in the Torrance, Kings Canyon and Napa Valley school districts.

“This is the largest demonstration of zero-emission school buses in the country and the first to utilize Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology to aid in reducing student transportation costs,” said Kevin Matthews, Managing Director of NSI.  “The project will show that we can remove children from diesel emissions and improve air quality while simultaneously reducing the cost of student transportation and supporting the utility grid.”

The goal of the project is to demonstrate that the total cost of ownership of electric school buses is equal to or less than that of legacy diesel buses.  The demonstration will document lower fuel and maintenance costs, and the potential to generate revenue by supplying energy stored in the buses’ batteries to the utility grid when not transporting students.

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Other areas to be studied include the vehicles’ performance characteristics, range of operation and emissions reductions, as well as Vehicle-to-Building (V2B) technology, by which the buses can provide power to buildings during a power outage or disaster situation.


Source: National Strategies
Image: Jan-Erik Finnberg/Flickr

  • Kent Taylor

    Another waste of taxpayer money! And I own two EV’s. If your going to waste money, at least share it with other states that will do a better job spending it. 🙂 Why hand all that cash to California. They’ve wasted enough. Share the Government waste…..

    • janzicek

      Agreed, this has already been done multiple times in Cali, I was involved in deploying an electric school bus fleet in Napa Valley 15 years ago, that fleet ran, data was collected, etc…. All paid for by Gov’t funding.

  • ed monfort

    The battery technology is here now. The battery technology and BMS technology wasn’t here 15 years ago. Adomani buses can 100% make sure the money invested is paid back through fuel savings in the buses lifetime.
    1,000% not a waste and this is the only program I have ever seen the government fund that actually saves the government money rather than spending money on projects that have no way of being recouped. We have proven and tested that these electric buses will save money. Please research before you post.