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Amprius batteries power first stratospheric flight of BAE Systems drone

California-based silicon anode battery maker Amprius Technologies announced that its batteries helped power the first successful stratospheric flight trial of PHASA-35, a High-Altitude PseudoSatellite (HAPS) uncrewed aerial system designed by Prismatic, a subsidiary of UK aerospace company BAE Systems. Amprius entered into a three-year cooperation agreement with BAE Systems in 2022.

During the June test flight in New Mexico, the solar-electric drone, designed to operate above weather and conventional air traffic, reached an altitude of more than 66,000 feet before successfully landing, reports Amprius.

According to BAE, the PHASA-35, which is powered by the sun during the day and by batteries overnight, has the potential to maintain flight for up to a year in the stratosphere.

“This ultralight platform provides an alternative and flexible approach to traditional systems such as satellites or conventionally powered aircraft,” said Dr. Kang Sun, CEO of Amprius.

Source: Amprius


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