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Amprius’s Si-Nanowire anode shortens charging time

Battery manufacturer Amprius Technologies is on a mission to reduce EV charging times. The company’s Amprius Extreme Fast Charge feature is enabled by its proprietary Si-Nanowire anode, which is thinner and lighter than conventional graphite anodes, and has much higher conductivity due to the high electrical continuity between silicon and the current collector. The Si-Nanowire… Read more »

Amprius partners with US Army to develop silicon anode batteries for unmanned aircraft

Amprius Technologies has been awarded a contract with the US Army’s Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office. The 18-month rapid prototyping contract includes the design, development, and validation of high-energy-density silicon anode lithium-ion batteries to be used in unmanned aircraft system applications. Amprius offers a silicon anode battery with high energy density in commercially available… Read more »

Airbus invests in battery tech company Amprius

Airbus has invested in US-based battery technology company Amprius. Amprius will direct the funding to its new batteries based on silicon nanowire anode technology, supporting the development of higher-volume production capacity and higher energy density cells. Airbus aerospace programs such as Zephyr High Altitude Pseudo Satellite and Urban Air Mobility stand to benefit from improved… Read more »

Amprius’s silicon nanowire batteries power the Zephyr S HAPS solar aircraft

Battery manufacturer Amprius is supplying lithium-ion cells to Airbus’s Zephyr program. Using Amprius’s cells, which contain a 100% silicon anode, the Zephyr S solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) recently flew more than 25 days, setting a new record for stratospheric flight. The Zephyr S is a high-altitude pseudo-satellite (HAPS), which combines the persistence of a… Read more »

Amprius demonstrates new tool for manufacturing of silicon nanowire anodes

Battery manufacturer Amprius has demonstrated a new system for inline, continuous, and roll-to-roll production of three-dimensional silicon nanowire anodes that it says will enable it to scale up manufacturing more quickly. Silicon is widely considered to be the next big thing in anode technology – battery-builders and automakers (including Tesla) are working on ways to… Read more »

NASA awards grants for advanced battery technologies

There are a number of synergies between space travel and electromobility (just ask Elon Musk). Both pursuits require energy storage devices with high energy density, stringent safety standards, and the ability to operate in high-vibration, extreme-temperature environments. Developing improved battery technology is a high priority at NASA, and the agency is making significant investments in… Read more »

Former Secretary of Energy Steven Chu joins board of Amprius

Dr. Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize winner in Physics and the former US Secretary of Energy, has joined the Board of Directors of Amprius, a developer of lithium-ion batteries with operations in California and China. Amprius, co-founded by Stanford Professor Yi Cui, introduced its first generation of batteries in May 2013, and it is now… Read more »

Silicon nanowire batterymaker Amprius raises $30 million in Series C funding

Amprius, a developer of lithium-ion batteries using silicon anodes, has raised $30 million in a Series C funding round, which it will use to commercialize its batteries and further develop the next generation. The company introduced its first generation of batteries in May 2013, and is supplying smartphone and tablet OEMs with its first two… Read more »