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BAE Systems to integrate Eaton’s HD 4-speed EV transmission into heavy-duty electric drive

UK-based defense and aerospace firm BAE Systems and US-based power management company Eaton are expanding their collaboration to include EV systems for heavy-duty trucks. The companies will offer OEMs and commercial vehicle modifiers a flexible EV system for a range of platforms. BAE Systems will combine its electric motor and suite of power electronics with… Read more »

Amprius batteries power first stratospheric flight of BAE Systems drone

California-based silicon anode battery maker Amprius Technologies announced that its batteries helped power the first successful stratospheric flight trial of PHASA-35, a High-Altitude PseudoSatellite (HAPS) uncrewed aerial system designed by Prismatic, a subsidiary of UK aerospace company BAE Systems. Amprius entered into a three-year cooperation agreement with BAE Systems in 2022. During the June test… Read more »

Québec transit authorities order 1,229 electric buses using BAE Systems’ Gen3 drive system

The Association du Transport Urbain du Québec (ATUQ), which represents 10 public transit authorities serving the major urban centers in the province of Québec, has ordered up to 1,229 battery-electric buses using BAE Systems’ Gen3 electric drive system BAE Systems will provide its electric drive systems to Nova Bus for integration on the buses. There… Read more »

BAE Systems and Eaton collaborate on electric drive solutions for commercial trucks

UK-based aerospace company BAE Systems and power management company Eaton have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to work on the development of an integrated EV system for the commercial truck market. Eaton has recently partnered with Charge Enterprises to offer integrated charging infrastructure for fleets. The companies will initially offer a solution for the… Read more »

BAE Systems and Heart Aerospace to build a battery for a regional electrified airplane

British aerospace company BAE Systems and Swedish electric airplane manufacturer Heart Aerospace will collaborate to create the battery system for Heart’s ES-30 regional electrified airplane. The ES-30 airplane will be powered by four electric motors. It has an all-electric range of 200 kilometers (124 miles) and an extended reserve hybrid range of 400 kilometers (248… Read more »

BAE Systems to provide 500 electric drive systems for Ontario hybrid bus fleets

BAE Systems has been selected by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) to provide more than 335 electric drive systems for its new fleet of hybrid transit buses. This follows an order of 165 additional Series-ER systems for nearby Mississauga Transit (MiWay). BAE Systems sees its Series-ER (Electric Range) system as a bridge technology that can… Read more »

Vancouver public buses to use BAE Systems Series-EV electric propulsion systems

Fifteen public buses in Vancouver, Canada, will be fitted with BAE Systems’ Series-EV electric propulsion system. Series-EV integrates electric motors, controls and batteries. The latest version of the system uses fewer, lighter, and more compact components compared to the previous generation. It’s designed to be easy to install and extremely efficient. UK-based BAE Systems has… Read more »

BAE to provide new electric drive systems for Toronto buses

UK-based arms, security and aerospace multinational BAE Systems will supply as many as 541 Gen3 electric power and propulsion systems for Toronto Transit Commission’s (TTC’s) new fleet.  The Gen3 system includes an electric motor and power electronics, and uses materials like silicon carbide to increase power density and electrical efficiency. It features a compact design… Read more »

ENC’s new buses to use propulsion and power management systems from BAE

US-based bus manufacturer ENC, a subsidiary of the REV Group, will use propulsion and power management technology from BAE Systems in its new battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell transit buses. BAE Systems will supply its Gen3 power inverters and electric motors, Modular Power Control System (MPCS) and Modular Accessory Power System (MAPS) to ENC for… Read more »

BAE to supply electric propulsion systems for buses in San Francisco’s “green zones”

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has selected BAE Systems, a UK-based maker of hybrid and electric drive systems, to supply electric power and propulsion systems for the transit agency’s buses. BAE’s Series-ER system will operate on 68 SFMTA buses. San Francisco plans to create nine zero-emission “green zones” in densely populated neighborhoods throughout… Read more »