AmazingE introduces a UL-listed portable charging station at a budget price

Consumers may be surprised to learn that some commonly-sold EV charging stations, particularly low-priced models, are not UL-listed, meaning that they have not undergone independent safety testing.

Fear not, EV drivers! There’s a new superhero in town: AmazingE Girl, protector of safe power transfer, and she has introduced a new 16-Amp (3.8 kW) Level 2 charger that’s UL-listed and sells for under $300.

The AmazingE charger features a NEMA 14-30 plug and a 20-foot cable. It’s totally portable, suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and comes with an 18-month warranty provided by ClipperCreek.

“At this price point EV drivers have been battling low-quality, unreliable, unsafe, and uncertified charging stations for far too long,” quipped AmazingE Girl. “The AmazingE gives EV drivers a truly safe, reliable, and powerful charging option. Working together, we can protect the safety of our community and destroy all villainous unlisted charging stations!”


Source: ClipperCreek

  • Bill Davis

    OK, Charged EVs, you should know better than to call this EVSE a “charger”… Good price for this product!

  • Jeff Ronning

    Good work, AmazingE. We need economic solutions for general charging use whereas, in my opinion, too much attention is given to fast charging. Hands-free charging is also an important subject. Make charging a non-issue, not the main event. Wake up each day with ~150 miles range and then only use opportunity/fast charging if you have to. It should not be your go-to way to energize the vehicle, IMO. You’ll enjoy cheap energy that way, also.