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Advanced Battery Consortium awards funds to Seeo to test solid polymer battery modules

Seeo Cell

The US Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC) has awarded a $299,000 contract to Seeo Inc. of Hayward, California. The nine-month technology assessment program will focus on testing of Seeo’s elevated-operating-temperature solid polymer battery modules.

Under the contract, Seeo will deliver its DryLyte battery modules to USABC for testing and third-party validation. These modules are based on Seeo’s current cell technology, which provides an energy density of 220 Wh/kg. Seeo’s cell design couples a solid lithium metal anode with a conventional porous lithium iron phosphate cathode. Seeo’s electrolyte is entirely solid-state with no flammable or volatile components.

“As part of this contract Seeo will deliver several hundred cells from our pilot manufacturing line assembled in battery modules, each module providing 1.65 kWh storage capacity,” said Seeo CEO Hal Zarem. “We welcome the opportunity to independently validate their performance as we prepare to introduce the next leap forward in electric vehicle battery technology.


Source: USCAR via Green Car Congress

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