eMotorWerks introduces new EV charging service

EVSE manufacturer eMotorWerks has launched JuicePlan, a residential EV charging service. JuicePlan includes JuiceBox, a Level 2 smart charging station, and JuiceNet, a smart grid charging platform that allows users to control and monitor charging remotely.

A JuicePlan subscription starts at $19 per month, and is currently available in select markets in California, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland.

Preston Roper, eMotorWerks General Manager, said, “There’s a continued need to democratize access to electrified mobility globally. One of the barriers we’ve found to greater adoption is the selection and installation of an EV charging system at home, where the vast majority of vehicle charging takes place today. Our hope is that creating a subscription option for smart charging to existing EV owners or those that are considering an electric vehicle will accelerate EV adoption in the U.S.”

Source: eMotorWerks

  • William

    I could see a payment plan, but this seems to be a rent-to-never-own, pay-forever plan. (“JuiceNet” is free with a purchased JuiceBox, BTW.)

  • Pat Campbell

    I totally agree William, but many of us can’t even come up with $400 cash in an emergency. Hopefully, with a used EV or low cost lease, and a plan like this they might “shoe horn” themselves in a far better financial situation with their savings from paying for gas and maintenance.