eMotorWerks enables EV drivers to charge with solar energy

San Francisco-based eMotorWerks provides a variety of cloud-connected smart-grid charging solutions. The newest release of the company’s JuiceNet platform enables owners of solar arrays to coordinate smart EV charging with their solar generation. JuiceNet Solar “uses algorithms and charging controls to match the charging speed of any number of JuiceNet-connected EVs to second-by-second solar production.”

JuiceNet Solar can also be configured to work with a distributed collection of energy sources, providing balancing services to local renewable generation. For example, it can be used at workplace sites where EV charging is linked to production from both on-site and off-site solar panels. According to eMotorWerks, this “virtual aggregation” allows utilities to reduce the amount of solar energy backfeed through their transformers.

JuiceNet Solar requires a JuiceNet-enabled EV charging station (including stations from eMotorWerks, AeroVironment and ClipperCreek), as well as a JuiceNet-enabled energy meter. Users with no JuiceNet-enabled EVSE can use JuicePlug, a universal charging adapter that adds JuiceNet capabilities to any third-party station or charging cord.

“Many solar array owners also drive EVs, so JuiceNet Solar combines the power of both of these activities to maximize their contribution to a decarbonized grid by getting the most out of their solar generation, especially if living in regions that have yet to institute net metering policies,” says Dr. Valery Miftakhov, CEO of eMotorWerks. “By utilizing JuiceNet Solar, users keep the solar generation local, which saves them money and maximizes their use of renewable energy. At the system, grid-wide level, our technology paves the way for higher penetration of intermittent renewable generation in electric grids worldwide.”


Source: eMotorWerks

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