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PG&E exportable power truck saves the day in California wildfire evacuation

The latest spate of California wildfires has driven thousands from their homes. In September, several hundred Calaveras County residents had taken shelter in a local church when the only generator went down, leaving the evacuees with no power to refrigerate their food or charge their phones. Electric vehicles to the rescue! Pacific Gas and Electric… Read more »

CARB announces $24 million in new grants for zero-emission truck and bus pilots

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has announced a grant solicitation for Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Pilot Commercial Deployment Projects. Almost $24 million is available for fiscal year 2014-15, and an additional $60 million may be appropriated by the California legislature by next June. This project is intended to speed the deployment of commercially available… Read more »

Silicon Valley’s Motiv helps electrify heavy-duty trucks, shuttles and buses

Sometimes kids can’t wait to be grown-ups, but growth takes time. An acorn doesn’t become an oak tree overnight. Electric vehicles are a growth industry, and many people in that industry would like to see explosive expansion, rather than the slow and steady gains that have characterized the market for years. Yet even slow progress… Read more »

Efficient Drivetrains builds fleet of plug-in trucks for Port of Shanghai

Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. (EDI) has partnered with Shaanxi Automotive to build a fleet of plug-in hybrid trucks to the Port of Shanghai. Shaanxi said it expects to provide up to 200 of the PHEVs in 2016. The two companies are already working together on plug-in natural gas hybrid city buses. Shaanxi built a prototype bus… Read more »

PG&E donates plug-in disaster response truck to city of Napa

On the anniversary of last year’s South Napa earthquake, California utility PG&E has donated a plug-in hybrid truck to the city of Napa for use in future disaster response operations. The truck, developed in California by Efficient Drivetrains, Inc (profiled in the March/April 2015 issue of Charged) in partnership with PG&E, has a 30-mile electric… Read more »

Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to test seven hybrid fuel cell Class 8 trucks

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has approved a grant of $2.4 million to the South Coast Air Quality Management District to build and test seven hybrid fuel cell Class 8 trucks to transport cargo at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The goal of the project is to develop a vehicle architecture that… Read more »

BMW tests 40-ton electric truck for materials transport

BMW and the SCHERM Group have put a massive 40-ton EV into service for a one-year pilot. The Terberg YT202-EV electric tractor will travel a 2 km route eight times a day between the SCHERM group logistics center and the BMW plant in Munich, transporting vehicle components such as shock absorbers, springs and steering systems…. Read more »

Motiv Power Systems receives $8 million grant, opens new manufacturing facility

Motiv Power Systems scored an additional $8.1 million grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to continue commercializing its electric powertrains, bringing the total amount of the company’s CEC funding to $12.3 million. The company has also opened a new manufacturing facility in Hayward, California, which will employ 20 workers and have an annual production… Read more »

TransPower’s new electric Class 8 terminal truck

California-based TransPower is one of several electric powertrain manufacturers that are targeting the promising short-haul drayage market (see our recent post on Orange EV and our feature story on Balqon). TransPower’s latest electric Class 8 truck was on display at the University of California, Riverside as part of a launch event for UCR’s Sustainable Integrated… Read more »

Orange EV’s new electric terminal truck

Orange EV, a company based in Kansas City, has announced its new T-Series electric terminal truck. A terminal truck (we prefer the more colorful term “yard goat”) is a short-range tractor used in facilities such as container ports, rail yards and distribution centers to move trailers around as cargo is transferred from one mode of… Read more »