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ZF’s new e-axle for pickup trucks features 800 V SiC inverters

ZF has introduced an e-axle designed for Class 1-6 pickup trucks in the North American market.

The eBeam Axle is composed of a motor, transmission, solid axle and the company’s 800 V SiC inverters. It is intended for 400 and 800 V systems, and is capable of supporting up to 350 kW and 16,000 Nm per axle.

“The eBeam Axle allows for the same level of performance as traditional internal combustion engine-powered pickup trucks, specifically in towing capacity, torque and smooth acceleration required for hills or steep inclines, while providing quiet operation, one-pedal driving, unchanged ground clearance and the ruggedness expected from a pickup truck,” says the company.

Source: ZF


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