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WEBINAR: State-of-the-art electric drive testing and the components for advanced power analysis

HBM eDrive is a system for testing electrical inverters and electrical machines. Mechanical signals (e.g., torque) and electrical signals (current, voltage) are acquired simultaneously, helping to better understand the electric drive and its losses in minutes. This is important for the optimization of the drive as well as the increase in efficiency.

In contrast to conventional power analyzers, HBM eDrive Testing acts as both a power analyzer and data acquisition system. It has the ability to record all signals along the drive train (power source, inverter, torque and speed of a motor, temperatures, CAN signals, strain, vibration, etc.) with a single instrument. This greatly reduces the test complexity and results in synchronous measurement of all parameters.

Register for HBM’s free webinar – hosted by Charged on November 28, 2018, 2:00 PM EDT – to learn more about:

  • Limitations of Current Test Systems
  • Actuator motor testing overview
  • Current motor testing limitations
  • State of the art technical requirements
  • Testing of an electromechanical system involving pressure, displacement, flow and temp
  • Dynamic efficiency testing
  • Dynamic control analysis
  • Large system testing with many motors and converters
  • Failure and fault analysis for motors
  • Real-time test system feedback


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