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VW ID.4 already in production, will be about the size of Tesla Model Y, sell for $40k

Volkswagen’s ID.3 will be a milestone vehicle—the company’s first EV based on the new MEB platform. Unfortunately, deliveries have been delayed by software problems, and are now expected to take place in a big batch this summer. It’s also unfortunate that VW has no plans to sell the small electric hatch in North America, but this was probably the right decision, bein’ as how us ‘Mericans don’t cotton to little bitty cars.

However, VW has another, potentially even more exciting MEB-based EV in the pipeline, and a sneak peek at the company’s Zwickau factory indicates that it’s already in production.

The VW ID.4 is an electric crossover based on the ID CROZZ concept, and it’s expected to be similar in size and range to Tesla’s Model Y (a planned unveiling in April got scotched, alas). Electrek reports that VW plans to “produce and sell the ID.4 in Europe, China and the US,” and that the starting price is expected to be around $40,000.

Now German YouTuber nextmove, an assiduous observer of VW’s electric efforts, has made a video about a recent visit to the Zwickau factory (in German with English subtitles). He saw several things that he agreed not to talk about (and Germans tend to take such undertakings seriously), but he did mention that he saw the ID.4 being produced at the facility.

VW plans to convert the Zwickau plant to 100% EV production, and has promised to crank out 100,000 ID.3 and ID.4 units this year.

Source: nextmove via Electrek

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