Volkswagen builds electric drive production factory in Shanghai


Volkswagen Group China has begun construction on a SAIC Volkswagen factory specifically designed to mass-produce EVs in Shanghai. The factory will begin production in 2020 to deliver new SAIC Volkswagen EV models.

The facility is designed to produce Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB)-based vehicles and battery systems, and is expected to produce 300,000 vehicles per year. Volkswagen says its MEB platform will power vehicles with additional space and expanded battery capacity.

“By building a factory specifically designed for MEB production, we are strengthening our activities in China’s e-mobility market,” said Volkswagen Group CEO Dr. Herbert Diess.

Aligning with Industry 4.0 practices, the 610,000-square-meter factory will use over 1,400 robots as well as AI, AR and VR technologies. It will also include pressing equipment, battery assembly workshops, an elevated stereoscopic warehouse and proving grounds, and will use eco-friendly processes to promote water preservation, energy efficiency and carbon dioxide reduction, Volkswagen says.


Source: Volkswagen

  • EVman88

    Very nice set up. I like it. VW is pretty much Chinese. If you have been to China then you would understand. Almost all vehicles are VW which means that China has full rights to all VW technology with little to no royalty to VW. I would guess 99.9 percent of VW parts are made and assembled in China.

    • Argovicus

      I can only agree with EVman! Volkswagen has joined China more then 30 years ago at a time where everybody said this is not seasonable and harvests now its efforts made in all these years. Special designed vehicles only for China and a company culture that is based on same eyes height. Now they are making electric vehicles for the local market but soon will be exporting such technology and vehicles all over the world!